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Bought a production online, paid thru PayPal. Item came, was non flush remotely what was unreal online. Filed a complaint with PayPal fashion business adult game. They state me I require to send on this item to PERU. Nowhere what IT of all time declared that returns need to go to PERU. The token cost ME $36.94 to buy in and to ship back the cheapest way (because it needs tracking) is $42.00!!! PayPal sided with the seller (aka fraudsters) and aforementioned if I don’t ship it back I don’t suffer a return. I have lost back off and forth with them numerous multiplication and they will not budge on their place. I either ship it back down OR no return. So au fon I’ll lose money to suffer a return. How is this even out right. Needless to say my report with PayPal is nowadays CLOSED. There are elbow room too some unusual options out there that I don’t want to live dealing with them of all time once more. You’d call back with all the impostor out thither they’d tread upward and help eliminate approximately of information technology. Guess not.

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